Back to the Future: Converting a Server VM to Bare Metal

back2futureIt might seem like stepping back in time, but sometimes you start something with a VM and the desire for resources and usage skyrockets and you need to transplant it onto a bare metal server.  This was my situation with Plex Media Server.  I’ll walk you through using Clonezilla to get the job done. Continue reading

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How to Use Self-signed SSL Certificates for Plex Media Server

plexPlex is a fork of the Open Source Kodi (previously XBMC) project from 2008, the Plex Media Server has evolved into what amounts to a free,  personal Netflix + Spotify that lets you stream home content to devices or browsers with an optional subscription model for added features.  Here’s how to use your own self-signed SSL certificates to encrypt connection streams. Continue reading

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10 Must-have Firefox Addons for Privacy, Security and Utility

firefox-512-noshadowI have used every manner of web browser from lynx, Mosaic and Netscape builds to abusing curl commands and mostly prefer Firefox for the bulk of my daily desktop/laptop needs due to the strong plugin ecosystem.  Below you’ll find my top Firefox addons categorized between security/privacy and general utility. Continue reading

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Funcamp ET Legacy and Urban Terror Servers Upgraded

tuxfragRecently two fun, actively developed Open Source FPS game projects have had major updates: Enemy Territory: Legacy and Urban Terror.  Over the weekend I’ve upgraded the Funcamp ET:L (2.75) and UT (4.3.1) servers to the latest versions.  Setup instructions and more info below. Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty SSH Key Management with Python

Other-python-iconSometimes I need to quickly copy SSH keys to remote systems in a pinch.  I can do this with the Ansible authorized_key module but that’s not always available.  I might be on a random system and Ansible or external internet isn’t available and things need to be pushed out quickly.  Here’s a simple interactive tool to quickly push SSH keys to many hosts, may you never SSH for loop again. Continue reading

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Trystack and Browbeat at the OpenStack Summit

openstack_logoI recently gave two talks at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona on two upstream Open Source projects that I work on – Trystack and Browbeat.  Trystack is a large, public free OpenStack sandbox we run for the general public and Browbeat is a FOSS performance/scale testing tool for OpenStack.  Come check out my sessions or stay tuned for slides/video later. Continue reading

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Fun and Automation with Git Hooks

git-icon-blackGit is more than just an awesome, decentralized version control system (VCS) – it can also drive lots of useful automation by triggering actions to deploy infrastructure and services based on event and commit-based hooks.  You can drive a lot of complex automation with this functionality but I’m going to provide you with a simple example using a Git repo to push web content to a remote webserver. Continue reading

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