Trystack and Browbeat at the OpenStack Summit

openstack_logoI recently gave two talks at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona on two upstream Open Source projects that I work on – Trystack and Browbeat.  Trystack is a large, public free OpenStack sandbox we run for the general public and Browbeat is a FOSS performance/scale testing tool for OpenStack.  Come check out my sessions or stay tuned for slides/video later.

Both of my talks will be were on on Tuesday, October 25th.  Below you can read more details about the topics and location.

Taking the Wizardry out of OpenStack Performance

When: Tuesday, October 25th – 2:15-2:55pm
Where: P1 Room 112


Browbeat is an Open Source framework focused on scale, performance and tuning of a deployed OpenStack cloud.  It can provide the following benefits to operators, developers and businesses running OpenStack.

  • Create and orchestrate workloads for performance and scale testing
  • Automate deployment of common collection and data analysis tools.
  • Identify potential configuration problems and highlight some optimal tuning values
  • Make run-to-run, cloud-to-cloud and build-to-build comparisons by sending test result data bundled with metadata about the cloud to Elasticsearch and visualize via Kibana
  • Provide performance data metrics and results based on Rally and other common tools like Grafana
  • Analyze and tune your Cloud for optimal performance.

In this talk you’ll hear from core Browbeat developers around how you can leverage it for your OpenStack deployment along with a demonstration showcasing some of the useful features.


Slides for OpenStack Scale and Performance Testing with Browbeat



Trystack: The Free OpenStack Community Sandbox

When: Tuesday, October 25th – 3:55-4:35pm
Where: P1 Room 117


The OpenStack Foundation and several generous corporate sponsors (including Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, and NetApp) have deployed, a free way for folks to learn more about OpenStack and it’s capabilities. TryStack is a public, production OpenStack instance and the maintainers have learned a great deal about maintenance, upgrades, automation and gotchas around running a large public cloud (25,000 users, 5,000 active users per release).

This talk will cover:

  • The history of Trystack
  • Give insight into deployment architecture and underlying components
  • Demonstration of the various capabilities of TryStack
  • Overview and sharing of post-deployment ops tooling and automation
  • Talk about the roadmap of how TryStack is evolving with OpenStack
  • Journey to implementing OpenStackID for primary authentication on Mitaka and beyond.


Slides for Trystack: The OpenStack Community Sandbox – Barcelona Summit 2016






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