Automate SuperMicro Server Provisioning or Die Trying

Supermicro_GreenC_NewLogo_WhiteBackground_SmallWe use Foreman for systems provisioning and recently received a large shipment of Supermicro for Ceph.  Out of the box they were a lot of trouble to get integrated/automated at the same level of our Dell gear but we managed, here’s our story. Continue reading

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How to Make Aubergine Risotto

cooking_iconYou seem to burn almost as many calories making risotto as you do eating it – there’s constant action required to keep things under control.  Don’t worry, it’s not too difficult and it’s a lot of fun.  We’re going to show you how to make a delicious vegetarian aubergine (eggplant) risotto that feeds two hungry people. Continue reading

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Switching from Mutt to Neomutt

mutt“All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less,” so says mutt author Michael Elkins.  This is true for me over the last 10years as mutt along with offlineimap and notmuch allowed me battle the unwieldy, barbarous deluge of mailing lists and emails.  Lately I’ve moved over to neomutt.  Based on upstream mutt, neomutt includes additional features, patches and active development. Continue reading

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The Workflow Optimizer Visits Engineering

lumberghThe Workflow Optimizer is part of a new sketch series about people who work as “professional workflow optimizers.”  Today the workflow optimizer visits the Engineering office to help a colleague out with his workflow. Continue reading

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Tmux for GNU Screen Refugees and Vim Users

tmuxI use GNU Screen on servers to manage working sessions and perform long-running or persistent tasks. Lately I’ve been using tmux locally on my work desktop/laptop, finding it better suited for most terminal activity.  Here’s how I set it up with a focus on familiarity with vim bindings, useful tweaks and common hotkeys. Continue reading

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Quick Fix for WordPress Table Text Wrapping

wordpress-icon-smWordPress enforces sensible defaults for views and text wrapping that addresses most blogging purposes.  Sometimes you want to work around these defaults.  Recently I needed to expand text-wrapping behavior for tables to not break apart words to fit the default theme formatting.  Here’s how this is accomplished, hoping it saves other people time. Continue reading

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Create an HD Gaming Capture/Streaming Setup with Linux

openbroadcastsoftware-iconTux-PodcastingI recently created a dedicated game recording/streaming setup using OBS Studio on Fedora Linux.  This lets me capture and stream real-time full 1080p video and audio from another machine playing video games.  Read on for the hardware and setup details, let’s get started. Continue reading

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