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Using ProtonVPN for Privacy and Security

Being a long-time user of OpenVPN and generally liking the security approach of ProtonMail I decided to take ProtonVPN for a test drive.  These are my experiences using their Linux CLI and a persistent systemd connection, Mac OSX briefly and … Continue reading

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Block Advertising on your Network with Pi-hole and Raspberry Pi

I recently setup Pi-hole on an existing Raspberry Pi running CentOS on my home network to serve as my DNS server and block advertising and unwanted domains for all internet-connected devices.  I’m still using an ASUS router with Shibby Tomato … Continue reading

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10 Must-have Firefox Addons for Privacy, Security and Utility

I have used every manner of web browser from lynx, Mosaic and Netscape builds to abusing curl commands and mostly prefer Firefox for the bulk of my daily desktop/laptop needs due to the strong plugin ecosystem.  Below you’ll find my … Continue reading

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Secure Cloud Data Backups using Python, Tar and GPG

The Cloud (aka another dude’s computer) is a great place to backup your data, files and make your life easier and your technical resources more accessible.  It can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t take steps to protect your … Continue reading

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