OpenStack Summit 2016 – Trystack, the free OpenStack Sandbox

openstack_logoFollowing onto the previous talk at Devconf 2016, we presented at the 2016 Austin OpenStack Summit.  Following the same format as the previous talk we covered some exciting updates around RDO Liberty/Mitaka, OpenStackID integration, datacenter hardware and network upgrades/expansion and lots of free OpenStack.  Here’s a summary below, updated with resources and slides mentioned during the talk.


You can find our speaking abstract here.  Joining me for this talk will be Kambiz Aghaiepour, my colleague who is part of the small, volunteer team that administrates/manages infrastructure and services.  Among other things we’ll aim to cover:

  • Status and features of the new, parallel trystack infrastructure in progress
  • Expansion, enhancements and improvements underway
  • Interesting statistics and use cases from the field
  • Updated tooling and automation utilities used behind the scenes
  • Status around migration to OpenStackID / oath2 for authentication

We’ll be presenting at the below location and time, if this changes we’ll update it here.

  • Wednesday, April 27, 9:00am-9:40am
  • Austin Convention Center
  • Level 4 – MR 19 A/B

Tooling, slides, media and any correlating talk materials will go here – check back soon!

Slides: os-summit-austin-2016-trystack-wfoster-kambiz
OpenStack SuperUser Interview: Why you should Trystack for a Spin Now. Free, Public OpenStack for Planet Earth.

To clone and contribute to these repos:

git clone
git clone

Browbeat Project
Browbeat is a new OpenStack Cloud performance/scale and tuning application that we’ve been using and contributing to recently.  You can clone the repo below:

git clone

Ops Monkey
It looks like the infamous Ops Monkey will be co-presenting this talk, thanks to all who have shared the info and see you there!


Video of the Talk


We’ll be putting talk feedback, questions and updates here.  Stay tuned.







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