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Combat Unsolicited Sales with a Unique Office Voice Mail Recording

Office voice mail has become a graveyard for unwanted sales solicitations for things I don’t need.  People who need to reach me have many available methods.  I’ve decided to take some creative liberties with my voice mail recording and you … Continue reading

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The Workflow Optimizer Visits Engineering

The Workflow Optimizer is part of a new sketch series about people who work as “professional workflow optimizers.”  Today the workflow optimizer visits the Engineering office to help a colleague out with his workflow.

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Defending a Hobohouse

Watch closely as “Knapsack” Willy Jenkins defends a hobohouse against an intruder.

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Comedy Clubs in Dublin

Quick Google map of comedy clubs in Dublin, Ireland. Re-posted from Cormac Moore’s site.  He goes into good detail on his page, so check out the details there.

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Human Battering Ram

Part of the greater “Awkward but Ineffective Attacks” theme, Human Battering ram proves not to be effective to strangers in Boston, MA.

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Always be Creepin: Italy (Tuscany)

Hanging with the locals.

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Sketchy Guy in the Datacenter

Some improvised fun at a colleagues expense who was chatting on a webcam a few years ago while working late in a datacenter.

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Will vs. Mean Code

Ruckus Pizza in Raleigh, N.C. ran a contest a while back for “Create your own Sandwich” Mine won, aptly named ‘The Red Hatter’  Here’s a skit we made about it and its magic powers: What was on it? Bacon, Lettuce, … Continue reading

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Will Foster Standup @ International Comedy Club

My latest standup set from the International Comedy Club in Dublin, Ireland.  Enjoy!

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