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Automate RPM Builds from Git Sources using COPR

The Fedora project COPR service builds/hosts free RPM package repositories and provides useful automation hooks for your Devopsing.  You can combine COPR and any standard Git source (Github, Gitlab, etc) with webhooks for automated package builds when your source repository … Continue reading

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Installing Fedora on the Raspberry Pi 3

Recently I setup CentOS on the Raspberry pi 2.  Now we’re going to be installing a modern Fedora 23 desktop on the Raspberry Pi 3.  I’ve used the Pi 2 instructions from chisight’s blog post so original credit goes to … Continue reading

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Quickly Make Fedora Linux Fonts Glorious

As a previous user of the now defunct Infinality repo I was looking for something similar in Fedora 26+ and came across this COPR repository.  This used to follow the infinality fonts guide but I’ve updated it for recent versions … Continue reading

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