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Using Italics with Vim in your Terminal

I wanted all code, system configuration file comments or in-line replies in neomutt email italicised to stand out easier.  Many terminal emulators (xterm, xfce4-terminal, iterm2) don’t support [3m and [23m designators for italics but you can use a custom terminfo … Continue reading

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Tmux for GNU Screen Refugees and Vim Users

I use GNU Screen on servers to manage working sessions and perform long-running or persistent tasks. Lately I’ve been using tmux locally on my work desktop/laptop, finding it better suited for most terminal activity.  Here’s how I set it up … Continue reading

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Trick out your Terminal

Here are some useful ways to enhance your operating system shell environment.  The first will give you a permanent bash history that’s up to date and doesn’t require a logout to update command history, nor does it get reset.  The … Continue reading

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