Devconf2016 – Trystack: Free OpenStack for Planet Earth

openstack_logoI gave a talk at the annual Linux Users and Developers Conference (Devconf 2016) in Brno, Czech Republic on architecture, operations insights, tooling, automation and what it takes to run a large, public OpenStack cloud for the general public.

  • 2016-02-07, Sunday: 14:50 to 15:30
  • c. D0207 (90 seats)
  • FIT VUT, Božetěchova 1/2, Brno, Czech Republic

The OpenStack Foundation and several generous corporate sponsors (including Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, and NetApp) have deployed, a free way for folks to learn more about OpenStack and it’s capabilities. TryStack is a public, production OpenStack instance and the maintainers have learned a great deal about maintenance, upgrades, automation and gotchas around running a large public cloud on RDO OpenStack and RHEL.

· The history of Trystack
· Give insight into deployment architecture and underlying components
· Demonstration of the various capabilities of TryStack
· Overview and sharing of post-deployment ops tooling and automation
· Talk about the roadmap of how TryStack is evolving with OpenStack

You will leave this session with lots of free OpenStack and a greater
appreciation for what it takes to maintain a frequently upgraded OpenStack
deployment utilized by the general public.

To make things more interesting (and the fact I’ve acquired the gift of a monkey suit from someone) if 16+ people retweeted me I’d don an ops monkey suit for this talk.  That has happened:


Slides: devconf_2016_trystack_wfoster
OpenStack SuperUser Interview: Why you should Trystack for a Spin Now. Free, Public OpenStack for Planet Earth.

To clone and contribute to these repos:

git clone
git clone


Slides with Audio

OpenStack Live Demo with Humans


This was probably the most enjoyable talk I’ve ever had the pleasure of giving – such an awesome audience and great feedback.  We had so much fun!






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