How to make Eggtoast

cooking_iconHere’s a simple guide to making eggtoast.  This is simply a fried egg in between some bread, cooked in a pan.  Makes for a hearty morning meal before you go out to plow those fields, feeds two people and takes around 10minutes, costing €2 in Dublin, Ireland.  Let’s get started.



  • 4 x large grade A eggs
  • 4 x slices of bread
  • unsalted butter, olive oil
  • 1 x pint glass (for cutting holes)

Prep the Pan
Use a slab of unsalted butter and drizzle it with olive oil in a pan, the olive oil will keep the butter from burning.  Simmer at a high heat until it looks like the picture below.  Once it’s a nice butter and oil glaze turn it to low heat to simmer and move onto creating the toast.


Create your Toast
Start with 4 x pieces of bread and cut out circles on each of them.


Now you should have four circles cut out of the bread.  You can use the scraps for making French toast later or small sandwiches maybe (which we won’t cover here).


Cook the Toast
With the pan simmering it’s time to turn that bread into deserving toast vessels for your eggs.  Place the bread into the pan at low to medium heat for 2-3minutes on just one side.  It will be ready when it’s starting to be hard, not fluffy and slightly browned like below.


Make Eggtoast
Flip the toast, cracking an egg squarely inside the hole.  Let it continue to cook on low heat for 3minutes.  It will be ready to flip once the egg whites start to materialize into solid form.


Carefully flip the toast and cook on the other side for 30-45seconds.  30seconds yields a sunny-side up yolky consistency which I prefer.


Serve and Enjoy


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