€7 Quick, Delicious Vegetarian Pasta Recipe: Olive e Capperi

cooking_iconHere’s a quick, delicious Neapolitan vegetarian pasta dish: Olive e Capperi or “Olive and Pepper” Pasta.  Total time: 15-20minutes, total cost: €7 and feeds two people.  Prices are based in Dublin, Ireland and may differ for you.  Optionally you can add anchovies if you want extra flavor but this will be vegetarian.  Let’s get started.



  • 300g of Spaghetti pasta (we use Garofalo) :  €2
  • 100g of unpitted black olives:  €2
  • 400ml of chopped tomatoes (in sauce): €1
  • Capers, 3 x whole garlic, chili flakes, olive oil, fresh parlsey: €2

Make Your Sauce
Use a large metal pan on high heat, add the whole garlic, olive oil and chili flakes.  Stir and build heat for 1-2minutes.

Olive e capperi

Add black olives and capers.
Here you could optionally add anchovies as well.
Cook for 3minutes on high heat.

Olive e capperi

Add 400ml of chopped tomatoes and 300ml of water.
Stir well, lower heat to medium.

Olive e capperi

Add 1/2 spoon of sugar to balance the acidity in the tomatoes, add a pinch of salt and pepper.  Taste, judge as needed.  Leave it to simmer for 15-20minutes, it will start to smell awesome.

When is the Pasta Ready?
The sauce will be ready when it’s much thicker.  You’ll also notice 1/3 or more of the liquid material evaporate and the color will turn a dark red.  Below you can see what it should look like once it’s finished.  Go ahead and start on the pasta and keep an eye on the sauce, once the sauce is ready you can set it aside on very low heat.

Olive e capperiOlive e capperi

Make your Pasta
Our pasta dictates 11minutes boiling time.  Check the recommended cooking time for yours.  While your pasta is cooking remove the whole garlic from the sauce (second picture above).  You’ll have enough already to repel any vampires.

Olive e capperiOlive e capperi

Combine Everything Together
Pour 1/2 of the sauce onto a separate plate (you’ll use this later). Now, add the pasta directly to the sauce.  Do not strain the pasta like you normally would here, you’ll want to bring it straight out of the cooking pot and into the saucepan.  Add more fresh parsley.

Olive e capperiOlive e capperi

Serve and Enjoy
Mix well together in the saucepan, and take the sauce you placed on the side and serve on top.
Pair this with a nice, neutral white wine if you like.

Olive e capperiOlive e capperi

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3 Responses to €7 Quick, Delicious Vegetarian Pasta Recipe: Olive e Capperi

  1. Christian says:

    Sounds great. But could you also post this in Irish? My English is a little rusty.


  2. Delicious recipe and also easy to prepare.Thnx for this recipe.


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