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Defending a Hobohouse

Watch closely as “Knapsack” Willy Jenkins defends a hobohouse against an intruder.

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Skateboard Promo Video, 1992 – 2001

When I was really into Skateboarding I made a promo video, with footage shot mostly in NC, VA, SC including a few skateboard parks and contests.  This was ripped from VHS to digital so forgive the graininess.  My brother filmed … Continue reading

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Automated OpenStack Deployments with Foreman and Puppet

Demo of a large, 70 node bare-metal deployment  we did at the Red Hat Summit in April 2014 showcasing an OpenStack Havana deployment via Puppet and Foreman.  There are other tools for this now like StayPuft or most recently RDO-Manager … Continue reading

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Human Battering Ram

Part of the greater “Awkward but Ineffective Attacks” theme, Human Battering ram proves not to be effective to strangers in Boston, MA.

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Sketchy Guy in the Datacenter

Some improvised fun at a colleagues expense who was chatting on a webcam a few years ago while working late in a datacenter.

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Will vs. Mean Code

Ruckus Pizza in Raleigh, N.C. ran a contest a while back for “Create your own Sandwich” Mine won, aptly named ‘The Red Hatter’  Here’s a skit we made about it and its magic powers: What was on it? Bacon, Lettuce, … Continue reading

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Will Foster Standup @ International Comedy Club

My latest standup set from the International Comedy Club in Dublin, Ireland.  Enjoy!

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