Quickly Make Fedora Linux Fonts Glorious

font-6As a previous user of the now defunct Infinality repo I was looking for something similar in Fedora 22  Fedora 24 and came across this useful blog post.  In a few quick steps you can have awesome looking fonts in Fedora 23+.


Download and Enable the Repo

dnf install http://rpm.danielrenninghoff.com/infinality/fedora/$(rpm -E %fedora)/noarch/infinality-ultimate-repo-$(rpm -E %fedora)-1.noarch.rpm

Install Infinality Font Packages

dnf install --allowerasing cairo-infinality-ultimate \
fontconfig-infinality-ultimate freetype-infinality-ultimate \
ibfonts-meta-base ibfonts-meta-extended-lt ibfonts-meta-extended

Install Patched Cairo
Due to a bug you’ll also need to install the patched infinality version of cairo-gobject.

dnf install cairo-infinality-ultimate-gobject --allowerasing -y

Install fontconfig-friendly Java (optional)
By default OpenJDK doesn’t respect fontconfig settings, you can also run Daniel Renninghoff’s patched OpenJDK which does.

dnf install --allowerasing java-1.8.0-openjdk-infinality-ultimate-headless

Reboot or log out/into X11 and you should see some great notable visual improvement in browser, terminal and office applications.

I’m using XFCE and also have the following options set:

  • Hinting: Slight
    • Use Full for lower-resolution screens
  • Sub-pixel order: RGB
  • DPI -> Custom DPI Setting -> 96
  • Default Font: Liberation Sans 11
  • xfce4-terminal font: Deja Vu Sans Book Mono 12


ARMv7 Architecture Only
Update: I’ve recently setup a Raspberry Pi 3 with Fedora 23 as an XFCE desktop and noticed that there are no freetype-infinality-ultimate packages available for ARMv7 so the above command will fail.

I’ve built this package from source and have it available for ARM users if needed

wget http://funcamp.net/w/freetype-infinality-ultimate-2.5.4-28.1.armv7hl.rpm
rpm -ivh freetype-infinality-ultimate-2.5.4-28.1.armv7hl.rpm

You’ll want this installed and then you can apply the other rpms above on ARMv7 using the noarch packages.

There is currently an RPM dependency issue with cairo-gobject and this repo, I’ve filed a Github issue about it.

About Will Foster

hobo devop/sysadmin, all-around nice guy.
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