Funcamp ET Legacy and Urban Terror Servers Upgraded

tuxfragRecently two fun, actively developed Open Source FPS game projects have had major updates: Enemy Territory: Legacy and Urban Terror.  Over the weekend I’ve upgraded the Funcamp ET:L (2.75) and UT (4.3.1) servers to the latest versions.  Setup instructions and more info below.


Funcamp Game Servers
I run several ET and UT gameservers, you can find a list of them here.

Upgrade Details
The following upgrades are in place now:

  • ET: Legacy upgraded from 2.74 -> 2.75
  • Urban Terror upgraded from 4.2.023 -> 4.3.1

Changelog for ET Legacy 2.75
Changelog for Urban Terror 4.3.1

Setup and General Information
There are two posts that cover installation and playing of both ET and UT on Linux (and other platforms, though that’s our focus).

When I was testing out the performance of my Linux-based game capture system I recorded some video of ET: Legacy, leaving it here below.

Here’s some Urban Terror 4.3.1 random gameplay as well on Fedora 24:


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2 Responses to Funcamp ET Legacy and Urban Terror Servers Upgraded

  1. Greg Long says:

    I keep wondering whether I should return to Urban Terror after all these years, but the online community is so small


    • Will Foster says:

      It has shrunk over the years, hoping that with the new 4.3.1 release more people will start to play. People still hop on my servers and play sometimes or I play with friends. Sometimes it’s just fun to dump a whole AK47 mag into a bot’s face on my lunchbreak too.


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