Browbeat Is now an OpenStack Project

openstack_logoBrowbeat is an Open Source performance tuning and analysis tool for OpenStack clouds, and something I’ve been contributing to lately on my new team.  As of this OpenStack commit Browbeat has moved to the namespace and is on the way to becoming a big tent project.  Browbeat also automates deployment of common analysis tools like ELK, Graphite/Grafana and Collectd with many more features coming along quickly.

More about Browbeat

Browbeat started as a project to help determine the number of database connections a given OpenStack deployment uses via stress tests. It has since grown into a set of Ansible playbooks to help check deployments for known issues, install tools and change parameters of the overcloud.

Browbeat pulls in the following technologies:

  • Rally scenarios and automated workloads
  • Automatic graph generation via Graphite/Grafana
  • Log file aggregation and visualization via Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana
  • Performance testing with Shaker, Rally and Perfkit
  • … more features on the way.

Browbeat Git Web
Browbeat Github
Browbeat Gerritt Code Review

You can read more about Browbeat over at the project website or find the project at #openstack-browbeat on


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