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Play Enemy Territory Legacy! (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In my previous post about Enemy Territory I mentioned an active, maintained fork of this infamous Splash Damage WWII RPG-shooter from the mid-2000’s.  I found time to install, play and setup servers for Enemy Territory: Legacy – If you’re looking … Continue reading

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Urban Terror: Fun, Free FPS Game

Urban Terror is a free first person shooter based on the Open Source Quake III engine that advertises itself as a “Hollywood tactical shooter.”  It’s native for Linux, Mac and Windows like Enemy Territory, but uses realistic weapons, damage models … Continue reading

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Play Enemy Territory! (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Enemy Territory is a free, Open Source multi-player first-person shooter video game set during World War II. It was created in 2003 by Splash Damage and runs great on low-end hardware.  It features a well-designed class and progression system.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Create vsftpd Users the Easy Way

The FTP protocol has been around a long time, some of us remember using it fondly while others might shudder at the very mention of its name.  The fact remains it’s not going away, and it does what it’s supposed … Continue reading

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